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What have we been up to?

Every Friday morning we're out and about early doors cleaning shop fronts in and around Ilkley. We not only clean the windows we clean the entire shop front giving it a new lease of life ready for the increased amount of shoppers on the high street over the weekend.

We make the shop look more attractive to potential customers. The shop front is the first thing the customer sees and we all know the impact of making a good first impression. I know I wouldn't want to buy a sandwich from a dirty looking cafe, would you?

We clean all shop fronts the traditional way with soapy water and a squeegee. Why do we do this you ask? Ok well let me explain. When cleaning by hand using a squeegee all of the soap and water is pulled off the window with zero drying time which leaves the glass sparkling in an instant. You do get an equally impressive finish with the water-fed pole using pure water but as the water is left to dry on the glass it takes longer to achieve the same result. Also with the chilly winter mornings upon us the last thing we need is the water which has run down the window to freeze leaving a sheet of ice on the high street.

For any enquiries regarding commercial window cleaning please contact us.

This is Hush, a relatively new shop in the centre of the Ilkley shopping district. We're here every Friday morning cleaning the windows, frames and sills.

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Hush Ilkley Store

You can check them out here -

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